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You have a disability and want to explore the city of Metz? Here's a selection of visitor attractions and accessible accommodation and restaurants (in French). Don't hesitate to contact us for personal advice!

Accessibility and services of the city of Metz and the Tourist Office 
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Accessible toilets

Interactive map of accessible buildings in Metz open to the public

This interactive map provides verified information about accessibility to each establishment (minimum entrance to the building), it is intended to help people plan their journey and anticipate constraints.

Each building on the map that is open to the public (ERP) has been assessed and information collected on accessibility to the building, toilets, reception areas and parking facilities. The list includes: nurseries, schools, school canteens, sports centres, cultural centres, social centres, spaces used by associations, historic monuments, religious buildings, municipal buildings, etc..

Consult the interactive map (in English)

Tourist Office services


Metz Tourist Office is Tourisme et Handicap certified and offers a range of specially adapted facilities and services:

Motor Handicap:
  • Ramp at the entrance and bell to call for assistance
  • Automatic front door
  • Lowered counter
  • Disabled toilets (ask at the counter to open)
Sight impairment:
  • Navigueo sound beacon (EO Guidage) signalling the entrance to the Tourist Office, and providing opening times
  • Brochures in Braille
Hearing impairment:
  • Magnetic loop at the counter
  • Slideshows about the city and tourist activities in the reception hall
  • Some travel advisors at reception know French Sign Language
Mental handicap:
  • Slideshows about the city and tourist activities in the reception hall

Guided tours can be arranged by type of disability.

The Metz Tourist Office website is also designed to be used, browsed and understood by all kinds of web user, whatever type of software they're using: browsers in all types of operating system, Braille viewers, voice synthesis software.


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Agence Inspire Metz - Office de Tourisme
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F-57007 Metz Cedex 1
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