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Attorno a Metz

Attorno a Metz

Country or city walks, cross-border tourism… how to get a change of scene without having to travel far!

In Pays Messin

Mont St Quentin, a Roman aqueduct in Jouy-aux Arches, fortified churches of the Messin Republic (including Sillegny church and its 16th-century frescoes), gardens of the “Jardins sans limite” network, Robert Schuman's House, Château de Pange, Taste Gardens in Laquenexy, tours and tastings of Moselle (AOC) wines and a Mirabelle plum distillery… whether you're into nature or culture, there are many sites which are ideal for a relaxing stroll, to discover the reminders of a rich, eventful past.

In Moselle

Discover the Pays de Sarrebourg
- between the Northern Vosges and the lakes, as well as the Three Borders
– where you can visit the Maginot Line, mining sites, vineyards and castles of the Saulnois
– the salt region of Nied, and for lovers of Boulay macaroons, Bitche or Sarreguemines.
Whether you're with your friends, family or partner, you're sure to fall in love with Moselle!
More information at www.mosl-tourisme.fr

In Lorraine

In the north-east of France, Lorraine is the only region in France to share its borders with three other countries: Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.
Lorraine is famous for its Centre Pompidou-Metz with its extraordinary architecture, its Place Stanislas in Nancy, a Unesco World Heritage Site, its great memorial sites including Verdun, its big spa resorts and of course its mirabelle plums (over 70% of the world's mirabelles come from this region).
The Lorraine region is also very popular with nature lovers, with its three big regional nature parks, immense wild forests, lakes and the mountains of Vosges, which is reputed for its winter ski resorts.
When it comes to gastronomy, there are many local specialities: quiche lorraine of course, as well as pâté lorrain, character wines (from Moselle, Crillon des Vosges, Gris de Toul…), Nancy macaroons, bergamot sweets, mirabelle plum treats…
More information at www.tourisme-lorraine.fr

Out and about in QuattroPole

Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrucken, Trier

Experience the diversity of the 4 QuattroPole towns (Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrucken, Trier) : a choice of visits and exceptional discoveries at less than an hour's drive from each other!

Luxembourg, fortified town, Metz, antique to contemporary architecture, Saarbrucken, baroque, Trier, Roman city : an international made to measure circuit through 3 countries.

Gastronomy and wine, art and history, UNESCO, gardens, cycle tourism, taste the variety !


In the Grande Région

The Grande Région covers Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium, and consists of the regions of Saarland, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Wallonia and the German-speaking community of Belgium.
Why this union?
Because these places have a shared history of long standing, which began in the times of the Romans and Celts and is now almost forgotten.
16 Unesco World Heritage Sites are concentrated in this geographical area. The landscape was also influenced by the mining and metallurgy industry, whose heyday was in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Did you know that Georges Simenon, Karl Marx and Gutenberg came from here?
The Grande Région is a truly unique place, so feel free to explore!
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Come arrivare a Metz?

Comment venir à Metz ?


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