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Les Tables de Rabelais

Les Tables de Rabelais

The Tables de Rabelais invite you to taste a variety of creations through a range of menus, typical or revisited dishes, sweet treats, regional produce at the markets, itineraries in the vineyards and gourmet tours…

A mark of gastronomic identity


The Tables de Rabelais are the gastronomic signature of Metz and the surrounding area. Arranged by the Tourist Office, they include around thirty restaurant owners, food trade professionals and producers.
Partners of the Tables de Rabelais sign a Quality Charter whereby they undertake to serve products and specialities with a regional touch, while meeting the customer satisfaction criteria and taking care over the richness of flavours, standards of service, and the reception and information given to the consumer…

Seasonal aromas and traditions

The Tables de Rabelais aim to promote the things that make our regional “terroir” special and the diverse skills of those who produce, prepare and transform these ingredients into sublime dishes. They evolve with the seasons and festivals and celebrate the region's trademark products.

From tasting tours to gourmet breaks

To combine culture with gastronomy, the Tourist Office has a range of tasting tours and breaks that will take you over hills and vales in the footsteps of Rabelais, while inviting you to taste regional produce or a Rabelaisian menu.

The famous Messin, François Rabelais

1545, François Rabelais, a Renaissance writer, doctor and humanist, moved to Metz for two years, where he worked as a doctor. He took the opportunity to write the “Quart Livre” where he recounted the famous legend of the Graoully and took inspiration from Messin traditions and the local dialect.

François Rabelais

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Les Tables de Rabelais

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