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Visitare in modo diverso

Visitare in modo diverso

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Explore the city of Metz with your family, with discovery trails in the city centre or the imperial quarter. Prefer a more relaxing kind of sightseeing? The little tourist train or Open Tour will show you the city in 45 minutes…

Discovery trails in Metz

Tour of the heart of the city, designed for a young audience. Charge for materials, 2€/example in French or German (small groups of 2 or 3 persons possible).

Little tourist train

The little tourist train in Metz takes you on a journey through time.
In 45 minutes, you'll enjoy a panoramic trip through the historical and architectural heritage of Metz, its main monuments, restored squares, imperial quarter...
Circulation from early April to October.
No little tourist train on Monday morning.
Commentaries in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Russian.
Trains depart once there are a minimum of 20 people on board.


Another way to discover the city of Metz.
Groups of 10 people max.
Information from incoming service (see contact below)

Boat tour

Discover the landscape and history of Metz on board the Solis. Solar-powered boat trip. Friendly atmosphere. Maximum 12 passengers. 45-minute tour. Departs from the lake.

Solis Mettensis
Quai des Régates (lake)
Tel: +33 (0)7 71 75 72 94
Web: www.metz-bateau-solaire.com

Children's and teens' workshops

French as a foreign language, linguistic breaks

Learn French with ALAJI during your stay. We can organize your stay: accommodation and leisure programme (cultural and touristic visits).

School groups and children must be supervised by teachers and/or group leaders. Teachers and school group leaders are responsible for maintaining discipline.

Information and booking

Incoming service

Tél : +33 (0)3 87 39 01 02
Fax : +33 (0)3 87 36 59 43
E-mail : reservation@inspire-metz.com

Brochures to consult:  
Bookings must be made at least 10 days in advance, subject to availability.
Lowest price shown as a guide, subject to change.

Come arrivare a Metz?

Comment venir à Metz ?


Agence Inspire Metz - Office de Tourisme de Metz
2, Place d'Armes - CS 80367
F-57007 Metz Cedex 1
+33 (0)3 87 39 00 00
+33 (0)3 87 36 59 43

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