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2 rue Haute-Pierre
57000 METZ

Apresentação :

Paul Verlaine was born here on March, 30th 1884. The architecture of the house is very simple, and it is mainly distinguishable because of the entrance porch designed in the Louis XV style. There are permanent and temporary exhibitions about the life and work of the poet Paul Verlaine as well as literary activities. Guided tour available by booking (in French).

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Les Amis de Verlaine Les Amis de Verlaine Les Amis de Verlaine Les Amis de Verlaine Les Amis de Verlaine

Descrição :

Subject of museum

  • Literature

Accessible for disabled people

  • No

Pets welcome

  • YES

Conditions of visit (individuals)

  • Guided tours at all times

Free up to ( years)

  • 14


  • In town centre
  • In town

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  • Aberto a partir de 02/01/2020 a 12/04/2020
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