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Etiquetas, certificações e marcas

Etiquetas, certificações e marcas

Ville et Territoire vélotouristiques

Ville et Territoire vélotouristiques

Metz gained the label “Ville & Territoire Vélotouristiques” in November 2013 awarded by the French Cyclotourism Federation (FFCT).

81 km of cycle paths give tourists the possibility to enjoy nature, notably along the banks and quays of the Moselle and Seille. Clearly marked circuits give easy access to the different quarters and link to the neighbouring suburbs. There are 1,400 places for bike parking and around a hundred km of roads limited to 30 km/h, reducing speed to accommodate all users.

The cycle path, Charles le Téméraire, crosses Metz following the river Moselle, it is a route favoured by European cyclotourists. The label “Ville & Territoire Vélotouristique” adds to the attraction of the city.

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Agence Inspire Metz - Office de Tourisme de Metz
2, Place d'Armes - CS 80367
F-57007 Metz Cedex 1
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