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Visitas escolares

Visitas escolares

Metz, City of Art and History, is a great place for children to explore, with fun, cultural, imaginative guided tours… with commentary by our enthusiastic tour guides.
Discover our tours below and choose the one that suits them best: a theme, a site, a museum, a neighbourhood…

Recreational tours (45 minutes)

Chagall for children (Cathedral)

The wonderful world of Marc Chagall and the magic and symbolism of colours enchant children and help them understand gripping bible stories.

The Legendary Cathedral

Children will discover the story of Pierre Perrat, who is said to have made a pact with the devil... And the story of Graoully, the dragon who terrorised the city... for under the ancestral vaults sleep the legends of olden days...

The railway station: fantasy animals and symbols

The sculptures in the station depict a wide range of themes. Children discover the façade of the station through portraits, anecdotes and humorous scenes.

Around the Germans Gate

A veritable fortress, with battlements, towers, machicolations, it is the symbol of the city's medieval ramparts, which originally had 38 towers and 18 gateways. Some walls are 3 and a half metres thick! The art of military architecture…

Monsters, gargoyles and more!

Wander around the city at a breathless pace; encounter fabulous monsters and sorcerers. A perfect opportunity to share legends and fantastical stories with your family.

Cultural school visits (from 1 hour to 11/2 hours)

Metz in medieval times

From St Etienne's cathedral to the arcades of place Saint-Louis, through the winding lanes of Sainte-Croix hill, your guide will bring the Middle Ages and its prominent figures to life.

Tales and legends of Lorraine

From the Cathedral on Place Saint-Louis, via the banks of the River
Moselle, children will discover the tales and legends of Metz derived from
the medieval imagination and the curious historical facts of our city.

Tales and legends of Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara, in the southwest region of contemporary Turkey. He is the patron saint of Lorraine and protector of children, widows and sailors. He visits at night between the 5 and 6 of December, bringing candy, sweets, chocolates and spiced

The aquatic bestiary

From Pont Moreau to the Fontaines de l'Esplanade, children will discover the legends of the banks of the River Moselle and the aquatic bestiary of the Fontaines de l'Esplanade, populated with strange animals, water sprites and crazy frogs, celebrating the world of metamorphosis in the Grimm brothers' fairy tales.

In the footsteps of the Graoully

The famous dragon of Metz, the Graoully, built its den under an amphitheatre, the site of bloody shows whose cruelty equalled that of the monster. On this trail children will discover a world populated by creatures and haunted by ancestral beliefs.

Imperial quarter

A new city emerged during the German annexation. The train station was built in the heart of this outstanding urban centre, symbolising the mighty power of the German Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.

Other visits

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