In addition to Metz’s Christmas Markets and the Lanterns Walk by the Moselle Departement, the City of Metz is adding Christmas magic with a programme of festive events on the city’s 5 historic squares.  

Music from here or far away, Christmas carols from today and yesterday, street art and traditions, enjoy the Christmas events from 19th November.

Full programme

TOP Fanfare

Saturday 19th November 
5pm - Place de la République

Sunday 20th November
3pm - Place d'Armes
3.45pm - Place Saint-Jacques
4.30pm - Place d'Armes

Friday 2nd December
7pm - Place de la Comédie
8pm - Place d'Armes

Saturday 10th December
12 noon - Place de la République
12.45pm - Place Saint Louis
1.30pm - Place Saint-Jacques

Friday 23rd December 
6pm - Place d'Armes
6.45pm - Place Saint-Jacques
7.30 - Place Saint-Louis

Christmas Dream Jazz Band

The music collective the “Boîte de Jazz” invites you to rediscover the best American Christmas songs… from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley, this jazz band will get things swinging!
Saturday 19th November
From 7pm - Place de la Comédie

Friday 16th December
From 7pm - Place de la Comédie

Barrel Organ

Roger will enchant you with his barrel organ. Travel through time with a repertoire of songs from the 1940s to 1960s.

Sunday 11th December
From 11am to 1pm - Place de la République
2pm - Place d'Armes
3pm Place Saint-Jacques

Sunday 18th December
From 10am to 2pm - Place de la Comédie
From 4pm to 6pm - Place Saint Louis

Metz Cathedral Choir

The choir from Metz Cathedral, accompanied by the brass section, brings you the magic of Christmas through the most popular airs.
Saturday 26th November
6pm - Place de la République
6.45pm - Place Saint Louis

Father Christmas and his elf

Father Christmas and his elf will be at Place de la République.

Saturday 19th November
From 2pm to 6.30pm

23rd and 30th November and the 7th, 10th, 17th, 21st and 24th December
From 1.30pm to 6pm

Two Light Giants

A cosy little tale from here or far away, a teasing giant, colours, light-angels and lots of fun.

Sunday 27th November
From 4pm - Place de la Comédie

The Barley Sugar Brothers

Two big-hearted, practical joking giants are straight from the land of eternal snow and live with elves. Discover their unconventional fairy tale stories.

Wednesday 14th December
From 4pm - Place d'Armes & Place Saint- Jacques

The Zikônes from Pont-à-Mousson

The Zikônes from Pont-à-Mousson, street fanfare from the Harmonie Mussipontaine, bring musical entertainment to events. Singing in their “Könes” a whole load of “MuZik” from waltzes to rock and funk, the Zikônes are always upbeat, you’ll want to sing and danse to the tunes of yesterday and today!
Friday 9th December (“entrancing” musicians’ parade) 
From 6.30pm - Places Saint Louis, Saint-Jacques and de la Comédie.

Moussaka Fanfare

A Moussakaesque ambiance, with Balkanic inspiration. A party-starting musical moment.

Thursday 22nd December
From 5pm - Places de la République, Saint Louis and de la Comédie.

More information on the enchanted Christmas Markets in Metz and the Lanterns Walk from the Moselle Departement