Tables de Rabelais

Why “Tables de Rabelais”?

It pays homage to François Rabelais, humanist, doctor, man of great culture and freedom, hedonist, and refugee in Metz after the torture of his publisher Etienne Dolet.

Easter 1546: Rabelais is hired as a doctor by the city of Metz. He cared for the sick in a very personal way... by making them laugh. With this in mind, he wrote stories in which he indulges in his joyful and exuberant temperament.
Rabelais lived in Metz for two years, where he is said to have written the “Quart Livre” (The Fourth Book of Pantagruel). In this work, he tells the legend of Graoully, borrowed from Metz traditions and several local patois sayings.

The remains of the Rabelais house can be found close to Saint Genest chapel.

The choice of this culinary signature is thus a simple and positive ode to life

Thus, since 2006 the “Tables de Rabelais” have brought together restaurant owners, producers, culinary arts, brewers, and wine-growers who are anxious to make a name for the high-quality services and products coming from the local area, and to do so with a regional tone: Lorraine recipes, tours of vineyards and production sites, meetings with partners, discovery of expertise. They’re all passionate about their trade, and at the core they want to share the pleasure of a recognised taste, the authenticity of flavours, the value of a product and the simplicity of goodness.

There’s something for everyone from rustic family tables to gourmet restaurants, as well as bistro menus and breweries.

All “Tables de Rabelais” partners sign up to a Quality Charter, which commits them to serving regional produce and specialities, while endeavouring to satisfy their customers and paying attention to the richness of flavours, as well as the service, hospitality, and information they offer to customers...

The Inspire Metz Agency – Tourist Office also offers a programme of themed visits with tastings, and short stays linking to the discovery of heritage and gastronomy.