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Essentials (in 1h or 2h)

Essentials (in 1h or 2h)

Panoramic tour of Metz

Vue sur le temple neuf et la cathédrale Saint-Etienne

Important Gallo-Romain town, capital of the Merovingian Kingdom of Austrasia, birthplace of the Carolingian kings, capital of the Three Bishoprics Province, affluent medieval town, Metz offers an exceptional wealth of architecture and monuments: from St Etienne's Cathedral to the district of the old Citadel, from the Imperial Quarter to the district of the Amphitheatre.

The tour includes a visit of St Etienne's Cathedral. With your bus, it continues to the Imperial Quarter and to the parvis of the Centre Pompidou-Metz.

2 HRS A piedEn bus

St Etienne's Cathedral

Cathédrale Saint-Etienne

"God's Lantern"

Built between 1220 and 1520, St Etienne's Cathedral towers over the city and has magnificent stained glass windows dating from the 13th to the 20th centuries created by renowned artists (including Chagall).

Interesting fact : this is one of the highest naves in France.

the legendary Cathedral: gargoyles, fantasy animals and fabulous monsters recall a past pervaded by mythical beliefs.

1 HR / 11/2 HRS A piedAccessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite

The treasures of the Cour d'Or

Musée de la Cour d'Or

At the Cour d'Or museum, scenes of life from Antiquity, traces of the major invasions, Merovingian jewellery, St-Pierre-aux-Nonnains' chancel, superb and extraordinary Gothic painted timber ceilings: a veritable treasure trove. The

2 HRS A piedAccessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite
Gallo-Roman section has disabled access.

Advantages: access to the Fine Art collection.

Flexibility: each part of the Museum can be visited separately and more extensively:
- daily life in Metz in the Gallo-Roman era (1 to 11/2 hrs)
- Medieval architecture (1 to 11/2 hrs)

Admission charge to the Cour d'Or Museum extra (closed on Tuesdays).

Imperial Metz

Quartier impérial

Masterpiece by the Berlin architect Kröger, the Neo-Roman style station was built between 1905 and 1908. By the wealth of its décor (statues, bas-reliefs, capitals and stained-glass windows), it symbolised the mighty power of the German empire.

Around it there is the New Town, an outstanding urban area, with a great diversity of artistic and architectural influences, in the characteristic and contrasted style of the turn of the last century.

Just next to it is the ambitious Amphitheatre district project, whose centre-piece is the amazing Centre Pompidou-Metz.

11/2 HRS or 2 HRS A piedAccessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite

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