Labels, certifications and brands

Metz Métropole is a top destination and an outstanding area which holds many labels and certifications. 

All of these distinctions aim to reward the efforts and actions carried out various fields for the benefit of the city’s residents and visitors.

Inspire Metz

The INSPIRE METZ regional brand is a wide-ranging approach to develop the destination’s appeal by giving a competitive advantage to the private and public partners in Metz and its surrounding areas.

The stakes are high:

  • Reinforce pride of belonging and encourage the preservation of local talents.
  • Reinforce individual initiatives to promote Metz Métropole’s public and private partners by uniting them and bringing the different sector initiatives together around a strategy, brand, tools and a high-performance collective action plan. 
  • Develop the influence of Metz Métropole, its reputation, and its visibility, by making its image more attractive to different clienteles and potential customers (particularly in the context of business tourism). Attract more residents (new skills and new talents), tourists, investors and entrepreneurs that are in tune with the needs of Metz Métropole.

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Tourist Office

Metz Tourist Office was classed as category I by prefectoral decree on 14th November 2018

The category I Tourist Office is an entrepreneurial organisation whose mission is to unite professionals and develop the tourist economy in its area, which supports a large influx of national and international tourists. The Tourist Office team speaks many languages.

It implements promotional initiatives with a national or international focus, and offers varied services designed to generate its own resources and support a determined business policy. The use of information technology has been mastered within the organisation. The category I Tourist Office develops a targeted promotion policy and implements tools for listening to the clientele in order to improve the quality of the services offered, as well as those of its partners working in the area. Its actions are part of an approach to promote quality, with the aim of improving its services and overall performance.

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NF Service


This certification proves conformity to the NF X 50-730 standard and to the NF 237 certification rules.

It guarantees that the welcome, information, promotion/communication, publication/marketing, shop, events creation and management services, as well as evaluation and improvement of service quality, are regularly inspected by ANFOR Certification – 11, Rue Francis de Préssensé – 93571 LA PLAINE SAINT DENIS Cedex – France

Qualité Tourisme™

The Qualité Tourisme™ brand was created in 2003, and is awarded to tourism professionals for the quality of their welcome and services.

By adhering to the label, professionals must respect the national quality commitments, particularly in the following areas: information and communication, personalised welcome, staff expertise, comfort, cleanliness and maintenance, promotion of local resources, consideration of customer opinions.

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Pavillon Bleu

The marina has been “Pavillon Bleu d’Europe” (European Blue Flag) certified since 2007. This label recognises and promotes towns that meet the excellence criteria for the overall management of their environment. The harbour master’s office in Metz marina was opened on 13.04.2012 and has 280 m² of services essential to the reception and comfort of its sailors.

The Pavillon Bleu eco label guarantees a good environmental quality and encourages a general awareness towards a more respectful treatment of nature and its treasures.

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Station de Tourisme (Tourist Resort)

Metz was classified as a “Station de Tourisme” by JO (journal officiel - official announcement) on 24.02.15.

This prestigious label rewards tourist areas that have created an excellent offer for tourists.

This renowned trademark was announced by the State after a meticulous study into the required qualities carried out by the Prefecture and then by the Ministry. It’s the result of action led by the City of Metz in various fields: promotion of heritage, cultural activities, quality of life, public transport, tourist information and accommodation, safety, hygiene, healthcare structure and even traffic and town planning.