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  • Panoramic view on the Protestant Temple
    Panoramic view on the Protestant Temple
  • Saint Etienne's Cathedral
    Saint Etienne's Cathedral
  • The Opera-Theatre
    The Opera-Theatre
  • Saint Etienne's cathedral by night
    Saint Etienne's cathedral by night

Events of the week

Events of the week 
In all seasons, Metz hosts a wide range of concerts, shows, exhibitions, sports events…See the events listings and enjoy the variety of entertainment on offer!


Want to visit Metz?Audio guide, smartphone app… let us guide you around the city and discover its historic heritage!


Must-see sights!Centre Pompidou-Metz, Saint-Etienne cathedral, marina, mirabelle plum festival, Christmas markets… everything you need for a great stay in Metz.

How do I get to Metz?

Comment venir à Metz ?


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