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From the Colline Sainte-Croix to the Amphitheatre quarter, through the Iles and the Citadelle, the city of Metz is steeped in history, with its neighbourhoods boasting a variety of architectural styles. What an atmosphere…

The Colline Sainte-Croix

The Colline Sainte-Croix is the historic heart of the city, where relics from the Bronze Age were discovered. This hill still has many religious buildings including Sainte-Ségolène Church, the Récollets cloister and the Trinitaires church. To this day it still has a medieval feel, with its winding streets, small squares and mansions.

The Hôtel Saint-Livier, formerly a mansion, is now the headquarters of the Frac Lorraine (Regional Contemporary Art Fund). On Rue du Haut-Poirier you'll find the Cour d'Or Museum, in Jurue you can see the remains of the house where Rabelais stayed, and on Place Saint-Louis there is medieval architecture showing an Italian influence.


This typical neighbourhood retains a very medieval feel. It has a very special cosmopolitan allure: in its winding streets you'll find many craftspeople and antique dealers, grocers and exotic shops. Every year on the 2nd Sunday of September, a second-hand market takes place in this historic area with a great atmosphere.

Saint-Maximin church on Rue Mazelle contains stained glass windows by Jean Cocteau. On the Rue des Allemands, the medieval church of Saint-Eucaire is a well-known pilgrimage site for Messins (the people of Metz) on Saint Blaise's Day (3 February). At the crossroads between Boulevard Maginot and Rue des Allemands stands the Porte des Allemands, a real castle fort over the Seille. Part of the ramparts have been converted into a walkway.

The city centre

At the heart of Metz, the renovated squares such as Place de Chambre, Place d'Armes and Place de la République are welcoming public spaces. Throughout the year, they host many events which transform them into spaces for community life and a great place to meet people. On Place d'Armes, the imposing figure of Saint-Etienne cathedral towers over the city.

The Iles quarter

This mainly administrative quarter has some of the most emblematic monuments of the 18th century (opera-theatre, Saint-Clément abbey, the headquarters of "Grand Est" Regional Council, Saint-Vincent church…). The branches of the River Moselle, the bridges over them and the classical architecture give this quarter a great deal of charm and elegance.

The Citadelle

The Esplanade reminds us that a citadel was built here in the 16th century, at the start of the French period when Metz became a city of military importance. The Palais de Justice (1776-1790), built as a palace for the military governor of the Three Bishoprics, shows the martial influence on this quarter. Next door is the old Royal Abbey of Saint-Arnould, currently the officers' circle.

Don't miss Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains, one of France's oldest churches, the Arsenal, with contemporary architecture imbued with classicism, the Templars' chapel, unique in Lorraine, and the old food storehouse, now converted into a 4-star hotel.

The Nouvelle Ville, the imperial quarter and Sainte-Thérèse

A new neighbourhood in Metz, built between 1904 and 1938 on the site of the medieval ramparts. It extends from the commune of Montigny-lès-Metz to the railway station. This quarter was designed for military purposes, following the new town planning theories. Sainte-Thérèse church opened nearby in 1954. Beautiful stained glass screen wall by Nicolas Untersteller. It is a real encyclopaedia of historical and new styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, baroque, Art deco or Jugendstil.

The Amphitheatre quarter

This quarter is named after the large amphitheatre of 25 000 seats which once stood on this site. Located behind the railway station, the Amphitheatre quarter is a new urban development in Metz. In this quarter, you'll find the Palais omnisports “Les Arènes” (sports centre), the Seille Park and the Centre Pompidou-Metz. Housing, a business centre, shopping centres and a convention centre are under construction…


How do I get to Metz?

Comment venir à Metz ?


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