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Tours for schools

Tours for schools

Metz, City of Art and History, is a great place for children to explore, with fun, cultural, imaginative guided tours… with commentary by our enthusiastic tour guides.
Discover our tours below and choose the one that suits them best: a theme, a site, a museum, a neighbourhood…

Recreational tours in 45 minutes (suitable for children aged 6 and over)

Chagall for children (Cathedral)

The wonderful world of Chagall, the magic and symbolism of colours enchant children and allow them to understand some fascinating episodes of biblical history.

The fantastic Cathedral

Children will discover the story of Pierre Perrat who, it is said, made a pact with the devil... And the story of Graoully, the dragon that terrorised the city... as beneath the age-old vaults tales of ancient times are lurking...

The station symbolic bestiary

The station's sculptures cover the most diverse subjects. Children will explore  the portraits and humorous scenes that appear on the station's façades.

The Porte des Allemands

This veritable fortress-gateway with battlements, towers and machicolations, it is the symbol of the medieval ramparts around the town which originally had 38 towers and 18 gates. Some walls are 3 and a half metres thick! To understand the art of military architecture...

The cathedral builders (aged 8 and over)

How were the men in the Middle Ages able to build edifices as vast as these? How long did it take to build a cathedral? What kinds of craftsmen worked on these buildings? And using what tools and knowledge? Even today, theirs know-how inspires our respect.

Introduction to culture tours (1 hour, particularly well-suited for school audiences)

Metz in medieval times (aged 8 and over)

From Metz cathedral to the arcades of place Saint-Louis, exploring the narrow winding streets of Sainte-Croix hill, the guide conjures up the medieval era and its fascinating characters.

Tales and legends of Lorraine (aged 6 and over)

From the Cathedral to Place Saint-Louis, and going along the banks of the
Moselle, children will discover the tales and legends of Metz born from
the medieval imagination and strange events in our city's history.

The aquatic bestiary (aged 6 and over)

From Moreau bridge to the fountains on the Esplanade, children will discover the legends of the banks of the Moselle and the aquatic bestiary of the Esplanade's fountains inhabited by strange animals, water sprites, extraordinary frogs celebrating the world of metamorphosis from the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm.

In Graoully's footsteps (aged 6 and over)

Metz's famous dragon, Graoully, had set up its den in the entrails of an amphitheatre where the put on blood-curdling shows whose cruelty rivalled that of the monster. This tour will allow children to discover a world populated by extraordinary creatures and haunted by ancestral beliefs...

Monsters, gargoyles & Co! (aged 6 and over)

Exploring the town at a devilish rhythm, set out to meet fabulous monsters, witches and other Chimeara. Come with your family - kids and adults alike - to share in our legends and fantastic stories.

Botanical garden (aged 6 and over)

Ducks ponds, rose garden, miniature train, playground... evrybody's failiar with them... and kids love them! But what do you know about the ginkgo tree, the katsura, the giant sequioa? For anyone who's a bit curious, the grennhouses are full of surprises with succulents ans variaus carnivorous plants...

The Imperial quarter (aged 10 and over)

The new town that sprang from the earth during the German Annexation. The railway station, built in the centre of this exceptional urban ensemble, symbolises the omnipotence of the German Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.

Ancient Metz (aged 10 and over)

The Roman period left a lasting impression on our town: from the layout of the roads to their names, and from reality to legend, several remains from ancient Divodurum Mediomatricorum are still visible today. Possibility of ending the tour at Saint-Maximin's around the stained-glass windows designed by Jean Cocteau, one of whose main sources of inspiration throughout his life was mythology.

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