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Labels, certificeringen en merken

Labels, certificeringen en merken

Inspire Metz

Inspire Metz The territorial brand INSPIRE METZ is a global approach to the development of the territory's appeal, by making affiliation to Metz and its surroundings a competitive advantage for public and private partners.

Aims :
  • Reinforce pride in belonging and encourage the retention of local talent.
  • Reinforce individual action promoting institutional and private stakeholders in Metz Metropole by uniting and synergizing the actions of different sectors around one strategy, one brand, tools and a performant collective action plan.
  • Develop the reach of Metz Metropole, its reputation, its renown, make its image more attractive to its different clients and prospective clients (notably business tourism).  Attract more inhabitants (new skills and new talents), tourists, investors and entrepreneurs in line with the needs of the conurbation of Metz.

Inspire Metz

NF Service

NF ServiceTourist office
This mark guarantees compliance with the NF X 50-730 standard and the NF 237 certification rules. It guarantees that activities in the field of reception, information, promotion/communication, production/marketing, the shop, events creation and management, evaluation and improvement of service quality are regularly inspected by  AFNOR Certification – 11, rue Francis de Préssensé – 93571 PLAINE SAINT DENIS Cedex – France

Office de Tourisme (Toeristenbureau)

Office de Tourisme (Toeristenbureau)Metz Tourist Office has been classified in category I since 2 September 2013.
A Category I Tourist Office is a business-type organisation which aims to unite professionals and develop the tourism economy in its geographical area of activity, which naturally experiences a heavy flow of national and international tourists. Its team is multilingual.
It runs national or international promotional campaigns and offers a variety of services that will generate their own resources and justify a specific commercial policy. The organisation has a thorough command of information technology. A Category I Tourist Office develops a targeted promotion policy and implements tools for listening to customers, so as to improve the quality of the services provided and those of its partners working in its geographical area of activity. Its actions are part of an approach that promotes quality in order to improve its services and its overall performance.

Pavillon Bleu (Blue Flag)

The leisure port has been labelled « European Blue Flag » since 2007. The label distinguishes areas that meet environmental quality criteria. The 280 m2 port authority building at Metz' leisure port was inaugurated 13th April 2012, it is there to welcome and assist port users. 

The eco-label European Blue Flag is a guarantee of environmental quality that encourages responsible behaviour, respecting nature and its richness.

Find out more about the European Blue Flag scheme

Qualité Tourisme

Qualité TourismeCreated in 2003, the Qualité Tourisme label applies to tourism professionals’ quality strategies and is designed to improve the quality of customer service.
Professionals who sign up for this label must fulfil the national quality commitments, in the following six areas in particular: information and communication, personal welcome, staff competence, comfort, cleanliness and maintenance of premises, and promotion of local resources.

Find out more about the Qualité Tourisme label

Station de Tourisme (Touristic Area)

Station de Tourisme (Touristic Area)

Metz has been classed ‘Station de Tourisme' since 24th February 2015 (by decree in the Official Journal).

This prestigious label rewards touristic areas that have developed an excellent tourism infrastructure.

This label is awarded by the French state, after close examination of the qualifying criteria by the prefecture and the Ministry. It is the result of action carried out by Metz in various domains : promoting local heritage, cultural events, the standard of living, transport, tourist information and accommodation, security, hygiene, health services, even traffic control and town planning.

Tables de Rabelais

Logo Tables de RabelaisThe Tables de Rabelais are the gastronomic signature of Metz and the surrounding area. Arranged by the Tourist Office, they include around thirty restaurant owners, food trade professionals and producers.

Partners of the Tables de Rabelais sign a Quality Charter whereby they undertake to serve products and specialities with a regional touch, while meeting the customer satisfaction criteria and taking care over the richness of flavours, standards of service, and the reception and information given to the consumer…

Territoire de Commerce Equitable (Fair trade territory)

Logo "Territoires de commerce équitable"

This label rewards the action of areas that engage in Fair Trade and responsible consumption. The campaign “Territoires de commerce equitable” has enabled the creation of social links and the coming together of people of different generations and social backgrounds. This initiative encourages local authorities to develop education, solidarity and sustainability, the aim being to accompany people towards responsible consumption.

Metz has put in place, in line with its Agenda 21 policy, initiatives to promote responsible consumption in its area. It uses fair trade products for receptions, in school canteen menus and in certain city markets. It works to raise awareness about responsible commerce with the public, schools and its partners.

Find out more about the label “Territoires de commerce equitable” (in French)

Tourisme et Handicap (Toerisme en Handicap)

Tourisme et Handicap (Toerisme en Handicap)

Metz Tourist Office, Tourism and Disability certified towards all four disabilities, chose to reinforce its civil responsibility by increasing public awareness of the right to tourism for everyone.

One objective: to take competent action to facilitate everyday life for those with disabilities.

With this in mind, the following action has been taken:

  • Building modifications at the Tourist Office
  • Publication of documents
  • Staff training in welcome services and tour guides
  • Creation of specially adapted guided tours and tourist services

Ville d'Art et d'Histoire label

Ville d'Art et d'Histoire label

The Ville d'art et d'histoire (City of Art and History) label was awarded to the City of Metz in November 2011. It was created in 1985 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in order to develop a policy of promoting and managing the country's heritage in partnership with the local authorities.

It is awarded to communes, intercommunalities, areas and territories that are aware of their architectural and heritage potential, and take an active approach towards knowledge and mediation as part of a genuine cultural and political plan.

Ville d'Art et d'Histoire & guided visits:

In accordance with the label « Ville d'Art et d'Histoire », and with the requirements of NF Services AFNOR Certification, Metz Tourist Office is fully engaged in the promotion of the city's heritage by offering residents and visitors, quality guided visits by qualified city guides.

Ville Internet (Internet City)

Logo du label Ville InternetThe city of Metz has participated in the label Ville Internet since its creation.  In 2014, Metz received, for the 8th consecutive year, the label Ville Internet 5@, the highest distinction. The label rewards both access to the internet for everyone in a simple, practical way, and system of paying by mobile phone for parking linked to the City's parking services.

Ville Quatre Fleurs (City in bloom ''Quatre Fleurs'')

Logo villes et villages fleurisOrganised by the Comité National des Villes et des Villages Fleuris, this label promotes and encourages work to develop green spaces and improve the townscape.

Find out more about the label “Villes et Villages Fleuris”

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