Ars-Laquenexy is linked to the history of tPays Messin, from the Gallo-Roman era to today: ruins of the Gallo-Roman city (Mercy site), lime kiln found during the archaeological excavations in Dévalants, Baron Thomas castle, Chagny La Horgne castle-farm (15th century)...

So many traces of the town’s development have left imprints that are still sometimes clearly visible in buildings and collective memory today.

Discover our heritage

  • 1905 Mercy castle and its chapel (closed to the public)
  • Chagny La Horgne castle-farm, dating back to the 15th century
  • Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs chapel (Notre-Dame-des-Champs), opened in 1924.
  • Monument aux Morts Français commemorating the Battle of Borny on the 14 August 1870.