LGBT Friendly

Metz has been officially “gay-friendly” since 2017 due to the LGBT Friendly charter proposed by the Couleurs gaies society. It thus promotes the development of a society that is inclusive, welcoming and respectful of people in their richness and diversity.

Nature and heritage enthusiasts, come and discover Metz and its surrounding area, a mosaic of styles and colours.

Metz, Art & Tech metropolis with remarkably preserved heritage, its Rainbow Weeks festival, its LGBTQI+ Pride March, its bars, and its restaurants, awaits you!

Our selection of places to visit in Metz

LE 47 
47, Place Saint Louis 

20 rue aux Ours

1 rue des jardins 

19 place Saint Jacques

Annual events not to be missed

  • Rainbow Weeks - Festival of LGBTQI+ Cultures
  • LGBTQI+ Pride March
  • LGBTQI+ book fair

Our favourite spot

The Jardins Marsha P. Johnson et Sylvia Rivera, below the Esplanade.

In homage to two American transgender women, known for their participation in the Stonewall riots in New York, 1969. An event that is often seen as the beginning of LGBT militancy across the Atlantic.

More information

Association Couleurs Gaies - Centre LGBTQI+ de Metz

11 rue des Parmentiers

F-57000 METZ

Tél : +33 (0)3 87 17 46 85