Handitourisme - accessible tourism

Do you have a disability and want to explore Metz city? Here is a selection of accessible tourist activities, accommodation and restaurants. Don’t hesitate to contact us for some personalised advice!

Interactive accessibility map of Metz public buildings

Metz offers an interactive map giving first-level accessibility information for each establishment (building entrances) in order to facilitate and anticipate user's movements.

Information is provided on access to buildings, sanitary facilities, reception staff and parking in all of the establishments receiving the public (ERP), whether they are nurseries, schools, school canteens, sports facilities, cultural and social facilities, association premises, heritage buildings, places of worship, city services, etc.

See the interactive map

Inspire Metz Agency - Tourist Office services

The Metz Tourist Office - Inspire Metz holds the Tourisme et Handicap (Tourism and Disability) label, and offers specific adjustments and services to meet your needs:  

Motor disability:

  • Ramp at entrance and assistance bell
  • Automatic doors at the entrance
  • Low counter
  • Accessible toilets (opened upon request at the counter)

Visual disability:

  • Navigueo beacon (EO Guidage) indicating the entrance to the Tourist Office, as well as the opening hours.
  • Brochures in Braille

Auditory disability:

  • Magnetic loop at the counter
  • Acceo remote services for the welcome and reception service, and opposite the counter 
  • Distribution of city and tourist activity presentations in the welcome hall.
  • Welcome in French Sign Language (LSF) by some trip advisors
  • Organisation of guided tours in French Sign Language, according to schedule

Mental disability:

  • Distribution of city and tourist activity presentations in the welcome hall.

The guided tours are adaptable according to accessibility needs.

The Inspire Metz Agency - Tourist Office website was created to be usable, browsable and understandable for all internet users, whatever the file type used: browsers for any operating system, Braille display, text-to-speech software.