Charged with the worldly power of the Metz Bishopric for more than 600 years, Châtel-Saint-Germain was a village a vineyards and orchards before the industrial era. The village is dominated by Mont Saint-Germain, where a 7th century Merovingian cemetery and and a 12th century priory, listed as a Monument Historique (Historic Monument), can be found. Enjoy its many walks and botanical trail which overlook the valley. The commune also has traces of regional military history due to the François-de-Guise group of fortifications.

Discover our heritage

  • Mont-Saint-Germain (7th century Merovingian cemetery and 12th century priory), a Monuments Historiques listed site.
  • The heritage room in the town hall.
  • The former railway line has been transformed into the “Montvaux walk” from “Square du Saulcy” to the “Chalet de Montvaux” locality.
  • Signposted walking routes – Download the map of nature walks in Metz Métropole
  • A botanical trail overlooking the valley
  • The Chemin des Dames, Saulcy, sociocultural centre and Tagnon squares.

Trail maps and details are for sale in the town hall and Châtel-Saint-Germain library.