There's a magnificent view of the Moselle valley and Metz Métropole from the castle square of this old wine-growing village.
Once owned by Saint-Arnould abbey, Jussy has been the residence of rich noble Metz families for a long time.
Saint-Hilaire church has maintained its 12th century Roman bell tower despite the 1944 bombings which destroyed 95% of the commune.
16th and 17th century houses still testify to this rich past, despite the tribulations of history.

Discover our heritage

  • Saint-Hilaire church: 12th century Roman bell tower, flamboyant Gothic style choir.
  • Old 16th and 17th century houses: sculpted lintel doors, alcoves decorated with statuettes.
  • Wash house built in 1850 and located in the village centre, at the edge of Place du Château. It’s made from Jaumont stone.
  • Old press