The Gallo-Roman remains prove that La Maxe existed in ancient times.
The construction of a fortified farm in the Middle Ages, which is still in use today (Franclonchamps farm), was the basis for the creation of the village. The unification of other castle farms in 1867 formed the current commune with its typical Lorraine charm.

Enjoy the many walks, along the ponds and the Moselle river, on the V50 cycle path (formerly known as Charles le Téméraire) or go birdwatching in the 60 hectare sanctuary.

Discover our heritage and activities

  • The V50 cycle path, a route shared by pedestrians, cyclists and roller skaters alike. See the V50 cycle path route
  • The Jardin Pédagogique
  • The arboretum
  • The bird sanctuary on the left bank of the lagoon. The 60 hectares of water are a resting area for the birds that cross the region every autumn and spring because they are located on one of the main migration routes in Lorraine. Observatories make it possible to watch this ecosystem.
  • The typical Lorraine village
  • The “Les grandes serres (The big greenhouses)” nature walk: download the map of nature walks in Metz Métropole