Marly takes its name from the Celtic Mariliacum, which was recorded in 745. Excavations revealed many neolithic objects from the Gallo-Roman era. Six castles sit proudly in the town, remnants of the past.

It’s also impossible to miss the painted mural paying homage to the crew of an English bomber which crashed on the village mill in 1944.

Discover our heritage

  • Château seigneurial Bogenez
  • Château Chandellier
  • Château Ancillon de Jouy
  • Château de la Grange-aux-Ormes
  • Château de Cortembach
  • Château Lejaille-Henrion
  • Saint-Brice church, called “Cathédral de la Seille (Cathedral of the Seille)”
  • The fresco on Rue de Metz which commemorates the crash of a Lancaster plane in 1944
  • Golf course at la Grange-aux-Ormes
  • “Une ville à la campagne (A town in the countryside)” nature walk: download the map of nature walks in Metz Métropole