The village originated in the Celtic Antiquity, dating back to earlier than 700 B.C. It was church land from the Middle Ages. Mey’s most prosperous period was in the 19th century, thanks to General Espagne, a friend of Alexandre Dumas’ father, and whose friendship inspired the “Three Musketeers”. His castle is still there.
Mey church was built in the 11th century, and its architecture and pagan inspired lintel make it a remarkable structure.

Discover our heritage

  • Église de la Nativité de la Vierge Marie
  • Château Espagne, acquired in 1808 by the General who carried the same name as the summer residence.
  • The “Folie Durutte”: former residence of Camille Durutte, friend of Franz Liszt and talented composer from Metz.
  • The war memorials, erected in the memory of the 80 French officers and soldiers and 23 Prussian fighters killed on 16th August 1870 during the battle of Mey-Borny.