In the first centuries, Saint-Privat was a stronghold of military defence against invasions.
A terrible battle raged there in August 1870, which transformed the village into a veritable military cemetery. Its 17th century church was thus destroyed. All that remains today is the entrance to the cemetery which surrounded it, classified as a Monument Historique (Historic Monument).
A church which was built in 1875 as a replacement. The French cemetery and several commemorative monuments testify to this memorable period.

Discover our heritage

  • Saint-Privat church, described as the “Cathédral du Plateau” (Cathedral of the Plateau), opened in 1876.
  • The old cemetery: the cemetery door, the monument dedicated to Curé (Vicar) Jean-Nicolas Bauzin and the monument commemorating the French soldiers.
  • The monument dedicated to the 4th regiment of the Grenadiers of the Prussian Guard
  • Monument du Lion
  • The monument dedicated to the 12th Corps Saxon
  • Monument de la Tour
  • Monument de la Reine