Marked by the major architectural styles that have punctuated the history of our city, Metz has also put its money on architectural creation and thus acquires a rich heritage of the 20th century. One example is the Technopôle Metz 2000, with its unique creations built from 1984 (the CESCOM for example designed by the local architect Longo). There is also the Amphithéâtre Quarter, where the sport complex of Metz was built by the famous architect Chemetov, or the Arsenal, designed by Bofill. Regarding the Technopôle Metz 2000, we notice the architectural unity of the place, designed as new quarter of the city. The private estate players have committed to respect the architectural requirements of the city. Today, the Technopôle Metz 2000 is characterized by its many aspects : its technological and economical dimension, its human and technical dimension… This technology park offers numerous activities related to economics, industry, but also to education and research ; that’s why it attracts the people of Metz who wander along the Symphonie Lake on Sundays, as well as companies who choose this place for the quality of its environment and its harmony.

Practical Information

Subject of tourist venue - historic building
  • Industrial site
Styles or dates of tourist venue - historic building
  • Contemporary
Pets welcome
  • NO
Conditions of visit (individuals)
  • Tour of exterior only
  • YES