Around Metz Métropole

In the Moselle region

Discover the Sarrebourg country - between the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park and ponds, the Trois Frontières (Three Borders) - where you can visit the Maginot line, the mining sites, as well as vineyards and castles, the Saulnois - the salt region, and Nied - for lovers of Boulay, Bitche or Sarreguemines macaroons.

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In the Grand Est region

Explore the Grand Est region and discover the wealth and diversity of its tourist attractions: nature, gentle hiking, gastronomy and oenology, culture and heritage, balneology and well-being, memorial sites... 

From Champagne-Ardenne to Alsace, passing by Lorraine, travelling in the Grand Est region is a promise of a change of scenery and guaranteed fun. 

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Other cities in the Quattropole: Luxembourg, Saarbrücken and Trier

Experience the diversity of the four QuattroPole cities (Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier): a selection of tours and exceptional discoveries less than an hour's drive from each other! 

Luxembourg, fortress city, Metz, varied architecture from the Antiquity to the contemporary period, Saarbrücken, the Baroque period, Trier, Roman city: a bespoke international route through three countries.

Gastronomy and wines, art and history, UNESCO sites, gardens, cycling tourism... experience the full heritage!

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Discover the most beautiful wine estates and villages of the Moselle valley without borders : ViaMosel