Visit Eurométropole Metz in 2 hours

If you’re passing through, you won’t have much time to explore Eurométropole Metz. But, like us, you think it would be a shame to not discover the essential spots in the city. So, here are some ideas to give you an insight and make you want to come back...

Tour around Saint-Etienne Cathedral

Around the unmissable Saint-Étienne Cathedral, a must-see site, you have the choice of walking down the medieval streets of the Sainte-Croix hill, strolling in the direction of the Moselle river in order to discover the majestic place de la Comédie and the oldest working opera-theatre in France, or even climbing aboard the mini tourist train which will show you the riches of our city.

  • Saint-Etienne Cathedral and Sainte-Croix hill, to discover the medieval city
    Relaxation idea : coffee break in Place Saint-Jacques or Place Saint-Louis
  • Saint-Etienne Cathedral and Place de la Comédie, to discover the 18ème century city
    Relaxation idea : coffee break in Place Chambre 
  • Saint-Etienne Cathedral and tour on the mini tourist train for a sightseeing trip around the city
    Relaxation idea : coffee break in Place Jean-Paul II 

Route around the Citadel District and Metz lake

In the Citadel district, Metz’s history can be read like an open book. From the view of Saint Pierre-aux-Nonnains to the 20th century buildings, you are already immersed in 2000 years of history by discovering this district. As a bonus, you can add strolling through Jardin de l’Esplanade or taking a trip on a solar-powered boat to your route.

  • Citadel District, Esplanade and lake, to combine nature and heritage
    Relaxation idea : coffree break in Place de la République 
  • Metz lake and solar-powered boat trip, for 100 % natural exploration of Eurométropole Metz
    SOLIS Mettensis
    GD Vacances
    Relaxation idea : coffee break on the Metz marina (only in summer) 

Route around the train station

If you arrive in Eurométropole Metz by train, you’ll be surprised by the architecture of the train station! Voted twice as the “most beautiful train station in France”, it’s already worth the detour on its own. With avenue Foch built at the beginning of the 20th century, a true kaleidoscope of architecture, and the Amphitheatre district with the Centre Pompidou-Metz, symbol of dynamism and culture of Eurométropole Metz and architectural revival of the city in the 21st century, you may well find that you don’t have enough time to discover everything! So, when is your next trip to Metz? 

  • Train station and Centre Pompidou-Metz a tour of contemporary Metz
    Relaxation idea : coffee break at the Centre Pompidou-Metz or Place Charles de Gaulle
  • Train station and avenue Foch, to discover Imperial Metz
    Relaxation idea : coffee break in Place Charles de Gaulle or Rue Gambetta