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Metz, Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (French City of Art and History), becomes accessible to children through fun, cultural and fantasy guided tours...

Our passionate tour guides, some of whom are storytellers, know how to describe legends to little ones, and help them discover the city in a fantastic and imaginative way...

Discover our trips below and choose one that suits them best: a theme, a site, a museum, a district... 

Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (French City of Art and History) and guided tours
Respecting the criteria of the “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire” label and conforming to the NF Services d’AFNOR CERTIFICATION requirements, Inspire Metz agency - Tourist Office commits to an approach that values and promotes Metz heritage by offering quality tours with qualified tour guides to both visitors and Metz residents.

45 minute recreational tours (adapted to our youngest guests, from 6 years old)

Chagall for children

The marvellous world of Chagall, where magic and colours will enchant children and allow them to understand the exciting episodes of biblical history.

The fantastic cathedral

Children discover the history of Pierre Perrat who, it is said, made a deal with the devil... And that of Graoully, the dragon which terrorised the city... because the legends of ancient times sleep under the ancestral vaults...

The beastly and symbolic train station

The train station’s sculptures are very diverse. Children discover the faces of the train station through portrait galleries, and anecdotal and funny scenes.

The German's Gate for children

Bridges, doors and fortresses all at the same time, this tale of the medieval city ramparts allows children to address and understand the art of military architecture.


The Cocteau stained glass windows for children

Children experience a world of wonder and poetry through Jean Coctrau’s stained-glass windows in Saint-Maximin church. They’ll discover the tales of Greek legends, the fascination with African masks and the enchanting universe of fairy tales that are all depicted in a dream-like purple and blue shade.

1 hour cultural initiation school trips (specially adapted for state schools)

Medieval Metz (from 8 years old)

From Saint-Etienne Cathedral to the Place Saint-Louis arcades, passing by the winding streets of Sainte-Croix hill, the tour guide will help you to relive the medieval period and its remarkable personalities.

Art and mathematics (from 10 years old)

Discover the importance of mathematics in the creation of artworks in every era. From Place d’Armes to the Palais du Gouverneur, we’ll discuss the cathedral builders, the golden ratio, and the invention of contemporary art and perspective.

Antique Metz (from 10 years old)

The Roman era left many marks on our city: from the outline of roads to their names and from reality to legends, several remains from antique Divodurum Mediomatricorum are still visible today. Option to finish the tour at Saint-Maximin to discover Jean Cocteau’s stained-glass windows. Throughout his life, one of his sources of inspiration was mythology.

The imperial district (from 10 years old)

A new city emerged during the Germany occupation. The train station, built at the centre of this exceptional group of urban buildings, symbolises the all-powerful nature of the German empire at the beginning of the 20th century.

Other themes to explore

  • Tales & Legends of Lorraine
  • The cathedral builders
  • In the footsteps of Graoully
  • The story of the cathedral told by Pierre Perrat

Terms and conditions

The students and children remain under the responsibility of their teachers and/or supervisors. Discipline must be ensured by the teachers and school staff in charge of supervising them.

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