Nature in town

Metz figures prominently among the green cities of France with its 625 ha of green spaces where parks and gardens mix with squares and streets. Stroll from one monument to another while passing through the many green spaces. Go from a shopping street to a café terrace with ease, while taking some time to relax on a bench lulled by the trickling of the fountains and caressed by the rustling of the wind under the shade of a tree...  

The lake

10 minutes walk from the cathedral, 20 minutes walk from the train station, 5 minutes walk Place de la République

The lake is a stone’s throw away from the city centre, and will transport you to one of the most relaxing natural landscapes in the blink of an eye! Would you like a moment of escapism by boat? A couple's trip on a pedalo? Cyclists, rollerskaters, walkers, you’ll meet everyone around the lake. Metz Plage (Metz Beach) welcomes its regulars in the summer.

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The Esplanade

5 minutes walk from the cathedral

This park was developed at the end of the 18th century, and was the first public space in Metz. The ideal place for a nice walk, it’s great for strolling, chatting and having picnics as a couple, with family or with friends. The Esplanade garden is close to the shops, cultural sites and historic monuments. 

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The banks of the Moselle and the Seille

Nearest starting point 5 minutes walk from the cathedral

On foot or by bike, Metz offers more than 30 km of waterside trails along the banks of its two rivers, the Seille and the Moselle. Beautiful discoveries between city and nature await you, among the rustling of the wind and the singing of birds.

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The Chemin des Corporations, a small part of the river bank

Nearest starting point: 5 minutes walk from the cathedral

Around 2 km from the medieval ramparts to guide you along the quays. From Place de la Comédie to the German's Gate, the Moselle and the Seille offer an exploration of traditional trades that’s suitable for the whole family: the Chemin des Corporations carries its name well, as each tower of the rampart bears the name of a medieval trade. Top tip: make sure you bring your camera!

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The Cloître des Récollets

5 minutes walk from the cathedral

Go and discover medicinal plants in the Cloître des Récollets gardens in the picturesque setting of a medieval monastery. Today, this former monastery houses the Institut Européen d’Ecologie (European Institute of Ecology), an organisation founded in 1971 by Jean-Marie Pelt, botanist and Doctor in pharmacology.

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Jardin des Tanneurs

5 minutes walk from the cathedral

A southern garden in Metz? It’s possible! Jean-Marie Pelt created it. The Jardin des Tanneurs, developed in rows along the southern side of the Sainte-Croix hill, allows you to escape towards new horizons in the shade of olive and lemon trees, enveloped in a soft lavender scent...

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Le jardin des cinq sens (five senses garden)

20 minutes walk from the cathedral, 5 minutes walk from the train station

A paradise! The Jardin des Cinq Sens is located in the court of the Grand Séminaire. It’s open to the public everyday and also has a playground, so you can spend time with your family and rediscover nature, all while having fun.

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Jardins Jean-Marie Pelt

5 minutes walk from the train station and Centre Pompidou-Metz, 30 minutes walk from the cathedral

Close to Centre Pompidou-Metz, this park is one of the more recent developments and allows you to familiarise yourself with local flora while enjoying the freshness of the Seille with its aquatic wildlife, which evolved on an isolated island. Playground guaranteed! 

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The Botanical Garden

15 minutes walk from the train station, 30 minutes walk from the cathedral

Metz botanical garden in Montigny-lès-Metz is open every day until sunset. Do you like the nature in Louisiana? Or do you prefer the scents of Canada? The tropics? The desert? Greenhouses, aviary, lakes, rose bushes, swans...
Convinced? So let’s go!

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Jardin éphémère

From June to October in Place de la Comédie, 5 minutes walk from the cathedral

Nature is welcomed into the city throughout the whole summer. Every year, nature lovers in the Espaces Verts de la Ville de Metz (Metz Green Spaces) offer a themed and fleeting garden in the Place de la Comédie: a bubble of nature in a stone setting where it’s nice to relax.

In Eurométropole Metz

Parc du pas du Loup

Metz-Magny, 20 minutes by bike, 15 minutes by car from Metz city centre

Located in around twenty hectares in Metz-Magny and offering more than 2 km of walks, the Parc du Pas du Loup is rich in spontaneous, varied and flowered vegetation (plum trees, wild rose, willow trees, maple trees, etc.) and overflowing with wild birds from every species.

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Parc Simon

Augny, 35 minutes by bike, 20 minutes by car from Metz

The Simon family created the park in 1830, on land that was acquired around 1800. Romantic park of great design quality, whose development until 1875 resulted in an exceptional botanical collection of about 300 rare or local species, as well as many fruit trees.

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Mont Saint-Quentin

40 minutes by bike, 15 minutes by car from Metz

A group of calcareous grasslands that are remarkable for their protected natural treasures, such as orchids. These elements make up part of the large group of “Pelouses du Mont Saint Quentin” (Mont Saint Quentin Grasslands).

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35 minutes by bike, 20 minutes by car from Metz

Châtel-Saint-Germain is a Merovingian archaeological site that’s great for history enthusiasts as well as hiking fans. Town planning and the extent of its communal area, as well as its forest, have made it possible to create 7 footpaths. 

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Parc du Pâtis in Woippy

25 minutes by bike, 15 minutes by car from Metz

With its 3,000 plants and 700 trees, the site is a magnificent walking and sporting area. Discover the animal park, made up of a 280 m2 aviary with pheasants, partridges, and peacocks, and two animal enclosures, 4,500 m2 and 11,000 m2 respectively. These enclosures house around thirty fallow deer, mouflon and stags.

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Laquenexy Jardins fruitiers

30 minutes by bike, 20 minutes by car from Metz

Situated on almost 4 hectares, this garden offers a plant trail full of surprises through 18 themed spaces, so many invitations to come discover, touch, smell, and see.  The Jardins Fruitiers host horticultural and artistic events all year round, and offer many activities centred around the garden and its practices. Gourmet food lovers can extend their visit with a light meal in the tea room, or discover local products in the boutique.

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